Do international cricketers know each other too well?

In the IPL, bowler Dale Steyn plays for Hyderabad along with India’s opening batsman Shikhar Dhawan. Both of them by now must have known each other’s strong and weak points while practicing in the nets.

When they come face to face while representing their respective countries at national level in tournament like Champions Trophy, they both already know how to handle or play a ball or bat.

This, to much extent dilutes the excitement and interest of the viewers who expects to have a good contest between a quality batsman and a world class attacking bowler.

Take an example of Keiron Pollard who plays for with Australia’s Mitchell Johnson.

Before every IPL match, they must have practiced and faced each other many a times in the nets, helping them to know how Mitchell bowls and how Pollard bats.

When they come up against each other in the Champions Trophy, they beforehand would know each other’s strong and weak points and would prepare accordingly. So while in the middle, it won’t be anything new. Also, there will not be a contest.

Dhoni, a smart captain, by now must have known the strength and weakness of Dwayne Bravo (new WI captain), Morne Morkel and Chris Morris. So it won’t be difficult for Dhoni to plan against these bowlers once they face each other in Champions trophy.

But does this detract from the game as a whole? The answer is yes and no.

Some smart players will really keep in mind the opponent’s skills and will prepare himself for each ball.

That’s the reason every player should always think out of the box and come out with new tactics while facing respective IPL team-mate, in a national tournament like the Champions Trophy.

This way, the contest between bat and ball will be more interesting that will eventually make the match more exciting.


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